As an inspiring semi-professional photographer I create images mainly of landscapes and country scenes which reflect my own vision on life. 

I am currently available to journey with you to areas of photographic interest within the County Antrim Region of Northern Ireland.


Having created this site and offering this service for any level of image maker why not book one of my online photographic sessions or a full photo day in which you can enjoy photography with your own camera as well as being able to view some of the places that I have photograph through the lens of Vivid Ireland Photography. 

My promise to you would be to offer an enjoyable day of photography of which we can later reflect upon together finding new places of interest to photograph and enjoying the time outdoors in the pursuit of photography within the Ulster countryside and its surroundings.


You will find challenging weather conditions so bring your camera equipment and all weather gear as Northern Ireland's weather can be very changeable.


I hope you will consider booking and that we can enjoy photographing places of interest together.

The service is offered in landscape photography and available on an hour to hour basis with one-to-one level of basis instruction. Photo days can be provided on a Day to Day basis subject to number of photographers per day and at the discretion of 


Mark Ireland /VividIrelandPhotography

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